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Rachel Comey Sample Sale: Causing a Commotion

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In case the surprising influx of hipster fashion fans in oversized sunglasses, high-waisted shorts and rompers on the dismal western stretches of W. 35th Street had you concerned: It's only the Rachel Comey sample sale. It just opened at noon, but we got there for a friends and family sneak preview at 11am. But so did everyone else. It was bedlam and, frankly, the elevators may not survive the afternoon (they are slightly terrifying).

There are about six racks of Comey's signature womenswear. No surprises: Lots of flounce, color, and print, flirty dresses and layering bits. For the most part they're priced at $100 each or three for $250. But you're not there for the dresses—it's the coveted footwear that whips all you clotheshorses and fashionistas into a froth. And there are plenty—but they're going very, very fast. So, get there soon or skip it.

For women find: Stacked-heeled, round-toed pumps in animal prints; electric yellow wedges; black granny boots; subtly metallic buckle oxfords; saddle shoe/ankle boot morphs; lots and lots of variously strappy sandals. Prices start at around $180 and creep up to just over $200—though across the room there are a number of $100 specials.

Men's options are pretty standard Rachel Comey: Oxfords; the odd captoe; a few pairs of unaggressive boots; hiking boots for hiking SoHo; lots of brown and gray with contrasting soles and a flash of colored trim here and there. Most pairs are priced at $167 but here, too, find several $100 doorbusters.

The sale ends tonight at 8pm. It's on the seventh floor. Credit cards are accepted.
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Rachel Comey Sample Sale

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