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Healthy Line Turns Out for Lacoste's Royal Pains Giveaway

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The USA Network's Lacoste giveaway kicked off today at 8am in Greeley Square, the patch of green at 32nd Street and Sixth Avenue, which has been transformed into a summery outdoor lounge for the occasion. To promote the new season of Royal Pains, Lacoste is handing out $50 gift cards to anyone who donates a gently used shirt. It's a good deal, if not yet a traffic-jam instigator like the Thomas Pink giveaway USA staged for its show White Collar. At the moment, we hear the current line runs about halfway to 33rd Street and that it's moving fast because the giveaway is so well organized. Lacoste has set up two booths for exchanges, and each exchange takes only a minute or two.
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Greeley Square

32nd Street and Sixth Avenue, New York, NY