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Armed and on the Prowl, Cat Woman Hits High-End Shops

Where's Batman when you need him via <a href="">New York Post</a>
Where's Batman when you need him via New York Post

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Light up the Bat Signal! Looks like Cat Woman, or criminal with an affinity for creative costumes, is on the loose. Her first victim: the Astor Place Arche boutique last week. Her MO is first pretending to browse sans mask and then assuming her alternate persona right before the hit. After threatening the clerk with a note reading "Give me the money. I have a gun", she made off with a not-so-thrilling $86 (maybe she should have taken a pair of shoes instead). Donning a more discreet burqa disguise (nod to SATC2?), the lady robber struck a second time at a Body Shop in Forest Hills, Queens. This hit was more lucrative, making off with a take of $500. Interestingly enough, the authorities chose the Cat Woman disguise to circulate as the most hilarious "wanted" poster ever. We're taking guesses on her next disguise—Lady Gaga's red lace McQueen get-up? How about Paul Stanley's Star Child?
· Holy Masquerade! Cat Woman Strikes [NYP]


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