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American Girl Finally Sends Their Dolls to College

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If Barbie can have hundreds of careers, why is it that the popular American Girl dolls never seem to see the light outside of whatever imaginary prairie or Victorian townhouse they grew up in? Granted, the girls at the 5th Avenue American Girl Place have a doll-sized Coney Island hot dog stand to visit, but it's time for a reality check.

It seems that American Girl has realized this, as they've created a new line of dolls that get to go to college. And here's the best part?it's an online university!

Called Innerstar U, the internet "campus" is accessible only to those who purchase the new dolls, available starting July 13, and it will be a "fun, safe online world where girls learn to be their best through a variety of games, quizzes, and other enriching activities that help boost their confidence and strength." So still no actual old-fashioned, book learning going on here, we see.

Here's the full deal, via ChildMode:

This new line-up will allow girls to create their own doll from 40 different combinations of eye color, hair color and style, and skin tone through a brand-new, innovative online tool. Braces, glasses, earrings, outfits and accessories can all be customized to reflect the girls’ personal interests and activities. At the Innerstar University, these American Girl’s will come to life and if allows girls to have fun with their dolls while exploring the virtual campus together.

Somewhere, Barbie's laughing quietly to herself while doing calculus and wearing her NASA spacesuit.
· American Girl Launches The ‘Shine On Now’ Campaign & A New Campus For Dolls![ChildMode]