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Ugly Shoe Wars: Skechers Shape-ups Has a Store

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Yuck. SoHo isn't the only 'hood in town with a shrine to hideous shoes (we're talking about the Crocs flagship). Behold, a Fifth Avenue store devoted to those totally unbelievably horrible Skechers Shape-ups—you know those gross rolly-polly sneakers that dubiously claim to give you a good ass? Yeah—part of the Skechers "Fitness Group" (their words)—the sneakers are Skechers-ugly multiplied by crazy arced orthopedic soles. The sub-brand devoted space quietly opened in late May or early June—what, no glittery, gala launch party for the fashion set? Not even a press release? Do you think even Skechers knows Skechers sucks?

Behold: A vision in vinyl, from Shoes For All

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Skechers Shapes-ups

590 Fifth Ave., New York, NY