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Is the City Over? Not So Fast.

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The blogosphere is abuzz as Fashionista reported the rumor that MTV's the City may be canceled. Not so fast though, our sister site Racked National has two arguments to disprove the rumors. One) While Racked National met two of the show's producers in the Hamptons this weekend and learned they are scouting for a new cast member. Two) Reliable sources say that faux-editor Olivia Palermo will be flying abroad on a trip for her faux-job at Elle. As Racked National puts it "Now, we all know that Palermo only plays an accessories editor on TV, so why would she be schlepping 4,000 miles to look at some handbags for a day and a half if not for the pretend-sake of her pretend-job?" Two very intriguing points. We'll be keeping an eye on this one. [Racked National; Fashionista]