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Lord & Taylor Has Hot Dogs and Hamburgers on the Mind

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The Fourth of July is upon us! That means hot dogs and hamburgers and buckets of frosty beers and fireworks and a whole weekend of stars-and-stripes themed outfits (that last part might just be us). And Lord & Taylor is as amped as we are—their windows are currently carpeted in AstroTurf, accessorized with big red Weber grills, and lined in perfect grids of macro-gingham, Gulden's Mustard, and Heinz Ketchup. Appropriately, their mannequins in residence are donning reds, whites, blues, denims, stripes, chambrays, and big honking sun hats. God bless America (even if a lot of it is French Connection).
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Lord & Taylor

424 Fifth Ave., New York, NY