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All Five NYC Apple Stores Sold Out of the iPhone 4

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The Big Apple is out of Apple iPhone 4! If you planned on perhaps enjoying lunch and a long wait in line for they shiny gadget, we have good and bad news for you. First, the bad:

We have called each of New York City's five Apple stores (four in Manhattan and one on Staten Island) and they are all completely sold out of the new iPhone 4. Waiting in a line today won't get you anywhere and they doubt any new shipments of the phones will arrive until Monday. Also you shouldn't be hoping for a white one, since one store told us they won't be getting any until July.

Now for the good news: each store has a priority reservation list for the next batch of arriving iPhones. You can get on it by going to the location and adding your name, so there is a reason to head to your local Apple store after all. Apple store associates we've talked with confirm that the 16GB model is selling quickest, so you'll have better luck if you're gunning for a 32GB.
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