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MePa's iPhone 4 Line: A Shadow of Its Former Self

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Has the iPhrenzy subsided? Let's be honest, probably not—as long as Apple keeps releasing some new something, people will brave massive waits and hideous weather to be among the first to get their grubby mitts all over it. That said, a quick 6:45am line check at the Meatpacking District's Apple Store reveals an almost anemic turn-out.

Six or so camping out by the entrance in lawn chairs seem to have reserved the iPhone 4. Another thirty or so—those without the foresight to reserve a phone they don't need—queued along the curb. Honestly, the employee to frothing Apple fanboy ratio was probably something like one to three. This compared to yesterday, when we were hesitant to even estimate how many trillions of people were lining up from the shop's heralded glass entry to, well, almost New Jersey.

By about 7:15am the line had only grown by a half dozen and Apple Blue-Shirts were only just begrudgingly setting up a folding table of off-brand bottled water and rando freebies. The store appeared open, but all the same nerd alerts were still in line. Just sayin', but today would probably have been the better option in terms of run-of-the-mill returns and repairs (duh).
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The Apple Store

401 W. 14th Street, New York, NY