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Cool, Shady Two-Hour Wait This Morning at Apple Fifth Avenue

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Several circumstances make today a better day to wait for the new iPhone 4 at Apple Fifth Avenue: Clouds for shade, cooler temperatures, a Michael Jackson tribute, and the knowledge that you didn't have to stand in yesterday's gigantic line. The store opened at 7am today, but iPhone shoppers had to wait until 7:45am, when AT&T was finally set up. When we arrived at ten till 8, the first person on line had been there since 5:30am. There was no reservation line today, which means everyone who reserved an iPhone got it already. The single line of eager customers stretched to the entrance of F.A.O. Schwartz on Fifth Avenue—we estimated it to be about 120 people. It had passed the toy store entirely by the time we left, twenty minutes later, and our friend from the front of the line was still waiting.

Midtown customers remain eager to wait for the new iPhone despite reports of screen discolorations that display a slight to severe yellow tint. The Fifth Avenue Cube has run out of every size but the 32 gig, and Geniuses estimate that the lines will only get longer as the day goes on. (Since it's Friday, people will probably leave work early to wait in line.)

About that Michael Jackson tribute, by the way: It was an Early Show performance that just happened to take place in the plaza on 59th and Fifth Avenue right next to the Apple Store. The audience at 8am, a half hour before performers were set to start, was small compared to the line for the iPhone.—Joann Pan
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