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The iPhone 4 Scene is Downright Quaint on the UWS

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It's a beautiful morning for iPhone 4 on the Upper West Side. A line of about 40 to 50 customers, mostly (or all) unreserved, began forming before 5am this morning, but by 9am, most were already lined up inside the store. Staffers were again thoughtfully passing out SmartWater and glazed donuts to the very relaxed looking line-goers. A staffer confirmed that they did indeed receive a shipment of phones this morning and that everyone in line would get a phone. She warned that at some point today they will run out. However, our new friend, the I'll-buy-your-old-iPhone-guy (who got a nice tan from yesterday's hard work) recounted the rumor that the store has over 1000 phones in stock. We have a feeling that the line will vastly shrink or, dare we say, disappear by mid-day, but will build up again for the after work crowd.
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Apple Store UWS

1981 Broadway, New York, NY