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Cushy Wait and a Seemingly Secret Stash of iPhone 4s at UWS Apple

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Looks like the UWS Apple store was the best bet for the least painful iPhone 4 effort. Around 3pm, the line dwindled to about 20 guests with reservations waiting inside the store with air-conditioning and a roof over their heads. They were probably laughing on the inside at those suckers waiting in the sweltering heat at the other locations.

Upon checking in with a staffer, we learned that the white phones are delayed due to a "manufacturing problem" and will be available in mid-July. Officially, there are no more non-reserved iPhone 4s in stock in the UWS. The staffer then suggested that people try our luck at Fifth Avenue because supposedly they will be releasing non-picked up pre-ordered phones around midnight.

So what's the deal with the UWS leftover pre-ordered phones since there was a short line of about 6 people without reservations near the door? The staffer guarding this almost hush-hush operation would not confirm or deny a phone release at 10pm closing, but we swear she almost winked at us. We then witnessed another staffer come and escort the first person in the secret line to the back of the store. Something is going on. So for those who really want a phone tonight, the UWS store could be your spot.
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Apple Store UWS

1981 Broadway, New York, NY