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New Rockefeller Center Lego Store Builds a Mini New York

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Have you ever wondered what New York City would look like rendered in Legos? Well wonder no longer, as we've finally got a Lego flagship store to show us.

The shop, which opened this morning at 10am in the old Brookstone space at Rockefeller Center, features an interactive computer area for kids, a huge mini scale version of Rockefeller Center in Legos, two levels of floor space for all kinds of plastic building block kits imaginable, and tons of little Lego dioramas of typical New York scenes.

For instance, peek into the Lego-made scene of an old woman feeding pigeons in Central Park, or of the building of One World Trade Center, or even a graffiti-ed subway train pulling into a station where breakdancers perform. With or without kids in tow, you may find yourself spending at least a half-hour here, just admiring all of the handiwork and attention to detail of each scene.

Even though the official opening day is tomorrow, kids were already going bonkers buying individual pieces from a curved wall dotted with cubbies of every type of block, and the employees were appropriately excited over specials like their monthly group build gifts?little freebies kits handed out to kids who come to their group sessions. July's freebie was a Lego slice of watermelon and it was highly adorable.

Good riddance, Brookstone.
· LEGO Makes Former Brookstone Space Infinitely More Fun [Racked NY]


620 5th Avenue, New York, NY