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The iPhone Lines at Apple Fifth Avenue: Still Sweaty, Still Long

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Despite the stifling heat, the dedicated line outside the Apple store at Fifth Avenue was still going strong circa 4:30. Perturbed employees have managed to wrangle the crowd into three separate lines: those who registered for iPhones, those attempting to buy a phone without reservations and people just waiting to get inside. The atmosphere appears to have calmed down since the spectacle this morning—no vampires in sight—and the mood of consumers ranges from zen-like to slightly agitated.

It sounds like the lines have actually grown slightly longer than they were earlier in the afternoon: Instead of 25 to 45 minutes for those who preregistered, the wait was more like an hour. Customers sounded pleasantly surprised that lines weren't longer, though, and passed the time listening to their iPod touch or now outdated iPhone 3. Apple employees remain tight-lipped as to whether or not they have sold out of any size of iPhone and maintain that their line system is controlling the potential mayhem inside. The late afternoon crowd is still perspiring, but slightly less sleep deprived.

But what does it feel like to actually wait in that line? Let's turn to a tipster who probably falls more on the "slightly agitated" end of the spectrum:

First, the guy ahead of me, 48, cannot stop asking questions. Does it come with a charger? How do I plug it in? Will it work immediately? What happens if I need to clean it? He's very nervous.
Second, inside there are zillions of phones. Beautiful built-in antenna sides as far as they eye can see. There's no chance they're running out anytime soon.
Third, there's a real sense of disappointment over how under-accessorized this baby is. IF THEY COULD SPEND DOUBLE THEY WOULD.
There you have it, folks: The iPhone line is full of people who are waiting outside in the heat desperately, quietly wishing they could find some way to make the whole experience even more of a consumerist orgy.
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