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Times Sues Neighborhoodies Over Same Logo Used by Rodarte

The Rodarte tee and the Neighborhoodies version (inset
The Rodarte tee and the Neighborhoodies version (inset

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Turns out you don't have to spend $125 for a "New York Herald Tribune" shirt like the one Jean Seberg wore in classic New Wave film Breathless. Rodarte might have just released their own expensive take on the tee in honor of the movie's 50th anniversary, but Dumbo-based t-shirt company Neighborhoodies has been selling a version for years. Their take doesn't have the word "Rodarte" emblazoned behind the Tribune logo, but then again, it only costs $24.99. If you want one, though, you'll have to act fast—the New York Times, owner of the Tribune, has just sent Neighborhoodies a cease-and-desist letter.

The Times might not actually have a case, since their trademark on the New York Herald Tribune logo is pending (and since nobody's done anything with it since the paper folded in 1966), but Neighborhoodies is still preparing for a fight. Already they've had to contend with their server refusing to sell the shirts online, though they'll still sell them in-person at their Dumbo space. Co-owner Elissa Shevinsky told the Post, "We’re tired of being bullied so we’re not going to take this shirt down."
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