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Ministry of Waxing Plans Nolita Embassy; West Village Block Party

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NOLITA—Bowery Boogie brings word that 56 Spring Street will soon become a salon called Strip operated by the Ministry of Waxing, which sounds like James Bond's most sadistic enemy but is actually a Singapore-based chain. Look for it to open within the next few months. [Bowery Boogie]

WEST VILLAGE—Jewelry designer Laura Lobdell and some of her boutique's W. 10th Street neighbors are coming together Thursday night to throw a Black & White Ice Cream Social in honor of her dog Xiao's birthday. Legendary jazz club Smalls will provide the music, while Cafe Condesa and Bobo are offering drinks (Bobo even has XiaoforNow specialty cocktails.) Not only is the ice cream free, but guests who show up in black and white will get special deals. It all goes down from 6pm to 8:30pm outside the store at 183 W. 10th Street, although it'll move inside if it rains. Just don't ask what number birthday this is for Xiao: As a true gentleman, he never tells. [Racked INbox]


56 Spring Street, New York, NY