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Brooklyn's Messiest Book Store; Inside the Tory Burch Sale

Image via <a href="">Brokelyn</a>
Image via Brokelyn

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BROOKLYN—Brokelyn explores the borough's book stores, rating them using such useful categories as "Smell" and "Dust Level." The loser (winner? OK, winner) in both divisions is Cobble Hill's mind-bogglingly cluttered Community Bookstore, where the front desk always looks like it's on the verge of being buried forever in a paperback landslide. Says the blog: "Calling this store messy would be the understatement of the century, but the owner’s been quoted saying that he likes it that way, and so do we. To pay for our purchases, an employee had to move seven or eight piles of magazines to find the cash register. We’re officially in love." [Brokelyn]

THE GARMENT DISTRICT—This afternoon at 2pm, Clothingline unleashed their seasonal Tory Burch sale upon the city, but this morning the second floor at 261 W 36th Street was reserved for friends and family only. A tipster who went early reports back from the scene: "I managed to score three items from the sale and will be going back when the prices are slashed on Thursday. I think the TB t-shirts are too much at $65, being that they retail for $95 (although I purchased one), but the bags for $99 (I got a bomb tote bag) were awesome. I am waiting for the prices to get slashed to go back again. Thanks God for F&F invite because I cannot do those types of lines that Tory Burch usually has at Clothingline." [Racked Inbox]

Tory Burch Madison Avenue

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Community Book Store

212 Court Street, New York, NY