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Elle Editors Put the Smackdown on Whitney Port

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Last night on the City, Anne Slowey and Joe Zee finally had a word with Whitney Port about the matter of her clothing line. Her Whitney Eve label certainly isn't the worst collection ever designed by a celebrity, but for weeks now, we've watched Bergdorf buyers and other industry folk treating it as if it's, you know, real. So it was refreshing to see the two Elle editors put on their best Tim Gunn hats and give Whitney some constructive criticism. Anne Slowey's review is particularly epic. From Racked National's transcription:

I'm seeing a lot of stuff that, um, I think people would like. But, you know, I think there's maybe a little bit of focus lacking, in terms of fashion with a capital "F," uh, point of view. You know, to hear [that] you want to see yourself alongside someone like a Phillip Lim or an Alex Wang, you know, I mean, they—they are real designers. And I think that it doesn't mean you can't be a real designer someday. I'm not sure that I'm really getting a point of view.
Oh, there's more. As for Joe Zee, he was a bit more gentle, saying of the collection's failings "It's, like, you know, learning."
· Whitney Port Gets a Reality Check from Joe Zee and Anne Slowey [Racked National]