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Where Is Alexander Wang Going to Put His New Store?

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Here's what we know: Alexander Wang is about to sign the lease for his first-ever boutique somewhere in New York City. Here's what we don't know: The specific location. Presumably, the Wang camp doesn't want to talk about the setting until all the papers are signed—but that doesn't mean we can't speculate about it! After much consideration, we've narrowed down potential locations to a list of four. Let us know in the poll which one you think is most likely.

Meatpacking District: Wang's already made his mark on the neighborhood: He always stages his runway shows at Milk Studios, plus he threw a legendary Fashion Week party at the gas station on Tenth last year.

Hester Street: The Lower East Side seems like a clear choice for the downtown brand, but the area above Delancey seems almost too obvious (and maybe not high-end enough, honestly). Thanks to the new street fair, Hester has all the hipster credibility that the Steve Madden-bedecked Rivington lacks.

Madison Avenue: It would be awesomely contrary for a label that's all about luxe grunge, but given the rent up there, it's kind of a long shot.

West Broadway: Soho is more central than the Meatpacking District or the LES, hipper than uptown, and already packed with Wang's designer peers. Plus there's still a lot of empty space on West Broadway, and the Wang office is nearby. Only drawback: Opening Ceremony and Kirna Zabete already carry a lot of Wang, so having a boutique close to them might be redundant.

Got other ideas? Vote "Somewhere else entirely" and then let us know your theories in the comments.

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