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Girls Heart Dresses at the Vena Cava Sale

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We suspect that a slew of ladies took an early lunch break today as the Vena Cava sale filled up just seconds after opening. The sale offers heavily discounted pieces starting at $40 from the fall and spring lines, plus a small selection of samples and shoes.

The dresses were, of course, the focal point and best deal of the sale, starting at $100 for t-shirt and jersey numbers. The more elaborate and dressier frocks are $175 and, oh, what a selection. Shoppers were snatching up the Mud navy white-star patterned number ($598 at Bloomingdale's), the Surf's Up black maxi-dress with built-in brown belt ($550 at Bloomie's), the short sleeve safety pin collar with red/black beaded belt Ashanti dress (currently sold out on ShopBop and retailing at $610), and the graphic patterned sleeveless front zip Community dress (originally $460).

On the party dress end of the spectrum, there were quite a few of the short-sleeve cream-and-sparkly-shag Geometric, the fun and sexy one-shouldered black and grey Prom, and a beautiful long black gown with wide slashed ribbons of different lengths cascading off the waist. One modelesque shopper snatched the last size 0 sparkly fringed black and nude Mandala dress (although it seems to be going for $126 on Standard Deviation). Sizes are all random, depending on the style.

There are two racks of separates, one for tops and jackets and behind it a rack of bottoms. Tops are $40 for jersey tees, $125 for dressy tops, sweaters/vests $150, jackets $175 and leather $450. We spotted lots of fall items in gray like a shaggy vest and this beautiful, but probably not so practical, short sleeve leather lambskin jacket. The bottoms (starting at $75) were a bit harder to reach as the rack was used as a makeshift wall and holding shelf for an open dressing area. After fighting our way through a stronghold of half-naked ladies, we found a few $150 leather leggings (size 0 and 4 in camel and one size 6 in gray). We also loved the a cream pencil skirt with blue leather patch and a few sequin skirts for $150.

The good news is that samples are $20; the bad news is that there are barely any left and a lot are damaged. We contemplated a slouchy gray New Kids tee with slashed cut out neck and silver hoop-lined bottom until we noticed little holes in the back. There is a table with a small selection of Vena Cava for Via Spiga shoes, all for $75. They were mostly size 10 except for the emerald green and black lace up pumps. It was also fun to see a few garage sale items like the $40 safety pin necklace accessorizing a t-shirt dress.

As for payment, it's cash only for purchases under $300. Credit card charges apply for card purchases over $300, so hit the ATM beforehand. Also, for the big spenders, there is 10% off purchases of $500 or more and 20% off purchases of over $1000 or more. The fitting area is open and despite a sizable mirror, girls were fighting for assessment space in front of it. Staffers say that they will replenish a bit with leftover backstock, but alas, there are no more samples. Take your lunch break soon to snag the best selection, that is if you're not there already.
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Vena Cava Sale

457 Broome Street, New York, NY