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Isaac Mizrahi Remakes 90210 Prom Dress; Lisa Perry's Pricey Pop

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NEW YORK—Whenever print media authorities like Anna Wintour are asked how they feel about fashion bloggers, they invariably point out that while young online writers might have a certain refreshing enthusiasm, they're simply not as well-versed in fashion history as editors who've spent the last twenty years working for Vogue. To this, we'd like to point out the following: The guy who writes Hard Liquor, Soft Holes is the only person we've seen so far who noticed that Isaac Mizrahi remade the dress that Brenda and Kelly wore to prom. Fashion bloggers: They may not be Conde-trained experts, but they know their 90210. [HLSH]

UPPER EAST SIDE—Mod queen Lisa Perry is selling these pretty incredible shift dresses printed with images by photographers Nat Finkelstein and Carl Fischer. They're $1300—but they're also for sale in t-shirt form for $100. Nylon asks the obvious question, "How can a few extra yards of fabric and a zipper be a $1200 difference?" [Nylon]

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