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Next Week, Climb Aboard the Topshop Tour Bus

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Before their Soho store opened last year, Topshop introduced itself to New York with a bunch of stunts, including handing out free yoga mats at McCarren Park pool parties and giving passersby tote bags and gift cards in Noho and Union Square. By now, the British powerhouse has become part of the landscape on Broadway, but that isn't stopping it from rolling out more summer promotions: Next Wednesday, June 23, Topshop kicks off a four-day tour of New York in its own magic bus.

The journey begins in Union Square, where the brand will be flogging its new line of makeup. Thursday, they'll ship a busload of personal shoppers to Washington Square Park, where one lucky winner will come away with a $250 shopping spree. Friday, they'll set up a DIY booth in McCarren, and Saturday they'll return home to Soho for a beach party with frozen lemonade in front of the store.
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