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Gramercy CVS Leaves Customers' Prescriptions Blowing in the Wind

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Curious about what sort of medications Gramercy resident Shirly Okin was taking in 2002? Well, you're in luck. The CVS on 18th Street and Park Avenue South carelessly tossed prescriptions for Okin and dozens of other customers on Friday, leaving them strewn all over the street for any voyeur or roving newspaper reporter to pick up and examine. The Daily News tracked down two of the pharmacy's customers, both of whom were horrified to learn that their personal information was sitting out on the sidewalk. Last year, the CVS parent company had to pay up $2.25 million in settlement after a similar incident in Indiana. The company says they have strict procedures for dealing with waste, but clearly someone at the 18th Street store isn't paying attention.
· East Side CVS Pharmacy gets a Rx for negligence after old prescriptions found blowing in street [NYDN]


215 Park Avenue South, New York, NY