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Shecky's Shenanigans; American Apparel's Official Statement

We're pretty sure this is how every night in LA ends up
We're pretty sure this is how every night in LA ends up

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LOS ANGELES—We mentioned Shecky's Girl's Night Out last week, but we neglected to point out Racked LA's completely insane report from the online guidebook's shopping event in Los Angeles in May. Things our sister site witnessed at the sale include a) shoppers lining up to get their photos taken with the gentlemen above, b) an avalanche of freebies so all-encompassing that they even extended to deli meat samples, and c) the world's biggest goodie bags. If you go, do tell us how it is. [Racked LA]

EVERYWHERE—American Apparel has issued a statement responding to recent accusations that they hire based on looks. "American Apparel does not hire or retain applicants based on 'beauty,'" they write. "Our main priority is finding people with a strong sense of style who can inspire customers as they make selections from our extensive line. This is an integral part of the job, and we look for people who will enjoy it as a creative outlet." Questions? Concerns? According to the statement, CEO Dov Charney wants an open dialog on the issues at hand, so he's asking people to contact him at his direct phone line (213-923-7943) or email address ( [American Apparel, Previously]