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Yesterday's Torrential Rains Couldn't Stop Crazed DVF Fans

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We figured last night would be the quietest moment of the DVF sale—the eye of the storm, if you will—since it was both the halfway mark and the day before prices were to be lowered. Looks like we figured wrong. Writes a tipster:

On Wednesday night at 6:30pm, the entry line was about 60 girls deep. A 30 minute wait in the rain didn't deter anyone from sample sale shopping! The merchandise was plentiful, and there were a ton of dresses, wrap dresses and summery tops. Lots of sizes, and some tote bags and belts were still available. The aisles were narrow and crowded, and the line for the dressing room snaked around the back of the store. Inside the dressing room, girls were jostled for a place in front of the mirror and the attendants kept yelling for everyone to "Hurry up! You have 5 minutes to try on everything and leave." Was it mayhem? Yes. Did the sale have great clothes? Absolutely!
The sale runs through tomorrow afternoon at 3pm; staffers promised us they'd begin slashing prices this morning.
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Diane von Furstenberg Sample Sale

260 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY