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No Lines and Lower Prices at the DVF Sample Sale

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With no line outside of the DVF Sample Sale at 260 5th Avenue and much room to maneuver inside, we're wondering where have all the crazy dress-hoarding shoppers gone? Probably the same place as all the cute dresses, since a quite scan through the leftover?though temptingly discounted?stock reveals very few items worth a second glance.

Wrap dresses, if you can find any, are now only $100, and some lovely black and green gowns are a steal for $150. If you came to the sale earlier in the week and were iffy about any plainer dresses, then now's the time to come back and swoop them up.

Tomorrow is the final day of the sale, running from 9am-3pm, but the sale is open yet tonight until 7pm. And if you ask us, tonight is when you should go, so long as you don't expect to find any jewels in the rough.
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DVF Sample Sale

260 5th Avenue, New York, NY