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What's the Best (or Least Terrible) Mall in Manhattan?

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The grand opening of the Limelight Marketplace has caused us to reflect on the rest of Manhattan's malls, up to and including the Manhattan Mall. Is the Limelight better than that 34th Street tribute to indoor retail? No question. Is it better than the Time Warner Center? Well, it's definitely less soulless, but then again, it's hard for a building that started life as a church to be completely devoid of soul. And it certainly feels more like New York than the antiseptic collection of shops at the World Financial Center down in FiDi.

Of course, this line of thinking raises one very important question: Setting aside the Limelight, since it's barely a day old—and granting that the whole concept of a Manhattan mall is dubious-to-painful in the first place—how do the rest of the city's indoor shopping centers rank? Let us know in the poll, and feel free to explain your vote in the comments.

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