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A Little Rain Can't Keep Away Botkier Fans

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After the epic line outside Botkier's friends and family preview yesterday, we figured we should probably keep tabs on the wait to get into today's sale, which opens to the public at 11. Will it be chaos? Or did Botkier's biggest fans all make it into the preview? The unstoppable Fawnia Soo Hoo reports live from the fray.

10:27am: Hello! I just arrived and the line is surprisingly short. There are only six women here so far. Not sure if it's the threat of thunderstorms, the fact that it's a work day, or if everyone came last night.

10:32am: A lady just arrived with her dog and said, "I thought I'd be the first one here." Don't complain, ma'am, this is nothing. I waited an hour last night at the preview!

10:35am: A German tourist couple just joined their daughter who is already in line. Dad showed her a Yellow Rat Bastard shopping bag and then escaped to a café across the street. Dads can be so accommodating.

10:38am: The line has now grown to about 25-30. It just hit the corner of Broome and Mercer. Aww, and Dad brought Mom and daughter coffee and pastries!

10:45am: Uh oh, I feel rain drops.

10:47am: Yup, it's raining. A woman brought her daughter who looks like she's about four or five. Did summer break start already? She has really cute studded sandals on.

10:53am: German dad took a little stroll to check out the line and is reporting back to the ladies (or so I presume, since I don't speak German.) He seems amused. A sample sale line is a noteworthy sight, so at least he's getting an authentic New York experience.

10:55am: The line officially wraps around the corner now. Rain and work be damned.

10:57am: A Soho stroller mom just walked past saying to her son in a baby voice, "Those ladies are standing in line to buy clothes." Teaching the young lad the ways of the world early on, we see.

10:58am: A staffer just came out to say they're opening the sale soon. He also told the crowd about the four-bags-max rule. And—breaking—dogs are allowed in the sale.

10:59am: The German family is now marveling at the idea of bringing a dog into a sale. Or at least that's how I'm interpreting their smiles and laughter.

11:01am: In! They're counting people, too.

Botkier Sale

60 Mercer Street, New York, NY