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Tons of Botkier Bags Left Even After Yesterday's Preview Frenzy

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Sick of the Botkier sale yet? Us neither! Well, OK, maybe we're a little sick of it after waiting in line to get in twice, but given yesterday's ravaging, we figured it was worth doing a spot check. And boy, was it. There's still a lot there, and discounts on already-marked-down merchandise have begun.

It's possible that chaos has descended since we left, but this morning we found the sale neat, clean, and well-organized. Even the dogs were good, though we nearly tripped over one in the shoe section. The only minor human misbehavior we noticed was the utter flouting of the no-hoarding rule. Plenty of people wandered around with more than four bags. (Maybe they were buying all of them?) Staffers, by the way, were extremely helpful and willing to advise shoppers who couldn't buy all five or six of their dream bags like some people checking out.

Markdowns of note: Nylon totes are now $25, down from $45 last night. And Dion bags are all reduced, presumably because there's a ton of them—in black, olive green, brown, and super-soft nude—floating around. A medium satchel, $195 yesterday, is now $175, while the large satchel and hobo are both down to $225 from $250 yesterday.

We also noticed some new bags, like the small Bond Street hobo in gold and silver lambskin and the zipper-embellished Aiden messenger bag, though maybe we just didn't see them in last night's melee. Amazingly, there are still some samples left—they must have held a few. Some are $175 or $200. The small Orion shoulder bag is $95, and the Aiden is $150—or was $150, since we watched someone snatch it before our very eyes.

Abundant non-sample styles include the James hobo ($195 down from $595), the Bowie hobo, and the Harper double-strap with studs in blue, nude and black. There are plenty of clutches and cross-bodies for $100 and $125, and so many of the Venice style that we assume it'll go the way of the Dion and get marked down. As for the shoes, go for $75 samples in size 7, and expect a fairly relaxed experience—people are really there for the bags.

Lastly, remember our German tourist friends? The poor dad wins Father of the Year for standing quietly in a corner, holding either his wife or daughter's wallet, and generally trying not to get in the way. His family left happy, with three bags between them. In America, the streets truly are paved with gold (lambskin Bond Street hobos.)
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Botkier Sale

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