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Inven.tory's New Hobbies: Art Collecting, Surfing

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It used to be that when you entered the cavernous home of Inven.tory on Lafayette Street, you'd almost immediately be surrounded by racks of merchandise by young designers, most of it sold at wholesale prices. But right now, walking into Inven.tory feels like walking into a Dr. Seuss book thanks to a giant black-and-white–striped snake-like instillation hanging from the ceiling. It's part of the Point Suite Pop-Up Show, Inven.tory's first attempt to turn the front of the store into an art gallery. They teamed up with Active Ideas Productions to showcase artists from the group's Point Suite Art Book, a limited-run publication celebrating a bunch of young creative types. The art is all for sale (and selling!) and if the exhibit goes well, the folks behind Inven.tory plan to hold more shows in the future.

Meanwhile, the boutique has also befriended the New York beach bums behind Saturdays Surf NYC, the surf shop/coffee shop in Soho. Saturdays sells minimalist logo tees out of its store, and now Inven.tory's just-launched website is their exclusive home online. The shirts are great—picture the neon, palm-tree- or dolphin-bedecked tie-dyed disaster you think of when you hear "surf tee" and then picture exactly the opposite. They're $45 a pop and you can buy them here.
·: Inven.tory [Official Site]
· Point Suite Art Book [Official Site]
· Saturdays Surf NYC [Official Site]


237 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012


237 Lafayette Street, New York, NY