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Undercover Cops Nab Purse-Snatcher at Trader Joe's Brooklyn

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Undercover cops sent to help Brooklyn's Trader Joe's deal with an uptick in petty robberies grabbed a culprit last week in what the Brooklyn Paper is calling a "daring stakeout." One officer disguised as a customer put her purse in her shopping cart, then wandered off. Another watched from a distance as a thief grabbed the bag and sprinted out of the store—where he was stopped by another officer waiting outside.

There's no word on whether the perp was the same person who committed four similar crimes this year, but the top cop on the case tells shoppers not to breathe easy. Trader Joe's breeds "a high comfort level," he says. "In other stores, people clutch their bags like they're an infant, but at Trader Joe's, they don't watch so closely."
· Cops sting burglar at Trader Joe’s! [Brooklyn Paper]

Trader Joe's

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