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Rock the Croc at Nancy Gonzalez's Midtown Sample Sale

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Bottom line first: Mizhattan says that you're going to have to shell out at least $600 if you want to walk away from midtown's Nancy Gonzalez sale with an exotic skin bag. In addition to cash, you're also going to need patience. At 11am, there was a half-hour wait to shop and another wait to pay. It also helps to have a keen eye, since some of the colorful python and crocodile bags have little imperfections.

But even with all these caveats, the sale seems like the kind of scene luxe bag fans envision when they close their eyes and imagine a happy place. It doesn't hurt that Mizhattan might be the best photographer on the sample sale blogging beat—click through to see more big, crisp, bold photos of the goods on offer.

X–large bags $1,600
Large bags $1,350
Medium bags $1,150
Small bags $850
Fur bags $1,000
Mixed large bags $800
Mixed small bags $600
Boxes $300
Clutches $600

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Nancy Gonzalez Sale

575 Madison Avenue, New York, NY