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Night at the Museum: Your Guide to the Met Ball Media Frenzy

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Last night's Met Ball was sponsored by the Gap and hosted by Oprah, but judging from the pictures, it was still a very Vogue affair. Anna Wintour, looking significantly blonder, ruled the scene in Chanel Haute Couture. Oprah, defying the New York Post's implications that she wouldn't be able to pull off high fashion, seemed utterly appropriate (if safe) in custom Oscar de la Renta. And the dresses commissioned by the Gap were mostly big wins, especially Sophie Theallet's mauve silk column for Jessica Alba.

Katy Perry definitely thought she was going to win the prize for Most Widely Discussed Look with her glow-in-the-dark battery-powered gown, which was literally lit from within. But at the moment we think we're seeing more press for Tina Fey's Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit, which has clearly tapped into a nation's deep ambivalent for the romper form. As for Strangest Moment That Probably Deserves More Attention Than It's Getting, can we talk about Marc Jacobs and his baseball hat? WWD asked him whether it was a nod to America's greatest pastime, and he replied, "I had hair transplants."

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