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Inside Takashimaya's Closing Sale: Impulse Buying Central

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If you're debating whether or not to suck it up and head to the Takashimaya closing sale, which features everything in the store at 40% off, our tale might turn you off of going. Simply put: all the good stuff is gone. And since the sale only began yesterday, we believe that the store either shipped the great items to the Takashimaya in Japan, or simply sold them off at full price over the last few months.

Around noon today, the store was more crowded than we've ever seen it, filled mainly with older customers who oozed money and understated refinement. These are people who have lived on the UES for at least 20 years, and have been shopping at Takashimaya for nearly as long. Indeed we overheard one sales associate say to an impatient line of shoppers at a register: "You've had 18 years to shop here! And you're telling us to hurry up?"

Despite the lack of must-haves and stock in general, most shoppers were leaving with large shopping bags. The items themselves are not impulse buys?think $600 Ivan Grundahl coats and $2200+ Leonello Borghi stingray messenger bags at 40% off?but many customers at Takashimaya today seemed to buying for the sake of owning a bit of the store. We actually saw "SOLD" signs on most every item of store furniture as well.

The 40% off does not extend to their lower level cafe or to floral arrangements, but all else is completely fair game.

Do go if: You're a fan of Takashimaya and will buy anything for a keepsake shopping bag, you want a distinctive flower vase, you want some children's books, or you're a fan of Yeohlee womenswear or Leonello Borghi bags.

Don't go if: You're looking for women's shoes (there are none), great bags, big designer names (we saw only one beat up old Maison Martin Margiela wallet and two Issey Miyake totes), or if you're expecting tons of selection.

The sale is supposed to continue until June, but we doubt they'll have enough stock left for even two more weeks. Share your Takashimaya sale tales in the comments!
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693 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022


693 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY