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Conran's Old 59th Street Space Gets T.J. Maxximized

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When high-end modern furniture shop Conran shacked up with ABC Carpet, it left behind a big, sleek, contemporary space by the Queensboro Bridge. Now, the Shophound reports banners in the windows announcing that TJ Maxx is taking over the shop. This marks the fourth Manhattan location for the chain, which also just signed a lease over on 57th and Eighth Avenue. It also marks a shift for the mini-neighborhood around 59th Street and First Avenue, which Conran used to share with the world's nicest Food Emporium, located in a catheral-esque space underneath the bridge. The Shophound thinks TJ Maxx might fit in just fine, though: "Considering that there's an immense Bed Bath & Beyond just a block up the street of the bridge," he writes, "it may very well turn out to be a more appropriate tenant for the location than its predecessor."
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The Conran Shop

407 East 59th Street, New York