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The Whitney Museum Builds on Diane Von Furstenberg's Turf

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If you've wandered down along Washington Street in the Meatpacking District for some shopping lately, you'll perhaps have noticed some very colorful construction plywood sidled up next to the south start of the High Line park. Behind the fences now sits a few contractor trailers, but come 2015, a new Whitney Museum of American Art will take their place.

The Whitney's decision to add this location (no, they are not abandoning their iconic UES location) comes just as people put their paws down on the few remaining prime retail spots along Washington and West 14th Street. It'll be nice to have a museum in the neighborhood, and DVF, honorary ambassador of MePa, welcomed the project by devoting her store's window to it.

The new Whitney will be larger than the UES one, opening up the possibility for collaborations with other museums. Right now, chat focuses on the Met sharing some of the space.

DVF's window focuses on facts with a huge explanation of the art around the construction site printed right on the window. Here's what it says:

The Whitney Museum of American Art is pleased to present the first in a series of commissioned works on the site of its future building. The inaugural project is by Guyton/Walker, the New York-based collaborative team comprised of Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker. Guyton/Walker kicks off this pioneering series with an ambitious exhibition encompassing the site's entire perimeter fence, a span of nearly 450 feet as well as structures and the pavement within it. The team's brightly colored imagery is woven together digitally to form a uniquely twenty-first-century mural with holes offering glimpses of the work of Friends of the High Line inside. This festive intervention activates and visually integrates the site as a whole, introducing playful disjunctions of scale and imagery that act as a perfect complement to and analogy for one of New York's most vital and changing neighborhoods.

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874 Washington Street, New York, NY