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Pat Field tries to explain her thinking behind the camel scene in Sex in the City 2: "This is built on an experience of mine that took place about ten years ago, based on my imagination and my fantasy, and the experience was I was in Cairo and I went on a camel riding around the pyramids. And so when this scene came up ten years later in the script of 'Sex and the City,' I was, like, okay it's the camel ride all over again. When I did the camel ride, I wore the hat Samantha wears but in a burgundy. A friend of mine, Horst, made it. I had an outfit on for the camel ride. I didn't go in just a t-shirt and jeans. I was, like, I'm in the desert, going to Lebanon and it's the year 1000 and I'm on a camel. I made up this scenario, so when I went on my camel ride I was feeling the theatrics of it. And then it revisited me ten years later in 'Sex and the City.'" Oh Horst: Always making camel hats, that guy. [HuffPo]