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Mass Hoarding of Donna Morgan Samples at the Ali Ro Sale

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The Garment District sale billed as Ali Ro turns out to be more of a Donna Morgan sample sale. Everyone seemed to be on the same page, though, as shoppers were already hoarding piles of $25 Donna Morgan samples at 8:30am and showed no signs of letting up anytime soon.

The samples were without a doubt the top items and there were tons lining two walls of the sale, mostly full of Donna Morgan. The Ali Ro pieces are priced at $40 each, but we hard a hard time unearthing any from the packed racks of Donna Morgan day and cocktail dresses in a kaleidoscope of styles and patterns. The samples are mostly in great condition, but we did notice a few with rips and some with pins stuck in them, so be careful.

The rest of the racks are organized by Donna Morgan or Ali Ro, and again, mostly Donna Morgan, priced at a very friendly $40 apiece. We spotted a mix of long sleeved wrap day dresses, tunics, spaghetti strap frocks and more, all in a mix of patterns—paisley, Pucci-esque, zebra, you name it.

The Ali Ro racks numbered about two or three (we had a hard time reaching the last rack because girls were using the space as a changing area and covered the rack and floor with piles of dresses). The prices ranged from $30 for shorts (few and far between) to $40 for blouses (loved a white diaphanous flowy top with a thin ribbon embellished neckline) to $80 for dresses (one girl looked adorable in a blue and white dress with a striped top and contrasting checked skirt) to $80 to $100 for jackets. The sizes are random and vary depending on style. For those looking for the romper pursuit ($60), we didn't find any.

There is no fitting room and the mirrors are sparsely scattered throughout the showroom. Some girls got creative (or desperate) and were using the translucent sliding office doors as mirrors. That turned quite comical when an office staffer opened her door to a flashing. Hit the ATM first—payment is by cash only. There is also a bag check at the door. All stock is out on the floor, so act fast and FYI, mass hoarding is allowed.
· Dealfeed: Ali Ro [Racked]

Donna Morgan Showroom

530 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY