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Confirmed: Cintra Wilson Says Goodbye to Critical Shopper

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We'll admit it: When we saw that the Shophound was speculating about the end of Cintra Wilson's reign as the NYT's Critical Shopper, we were doubtful. Wilson always seemed like a perfect recession-era corrective to Alex Kuczynski's boom-time reports, shifting the voice of the column in a sharper, funnier direction. And we thought she was bulletproof after weathering both this summer's J.C. Penney debacle and the firing of her colleague Mike Albo. (To recap: She made some unfortunate fat jokes, then he accepted an unrelated junket in violation of Times freelancer rules.) But we've checked around, and the rumor is true. According to what we hear, Critical Shopping is now reserved for Times staffers only—no freelancers allowed. If we're lucky, we might get Cintra back when everyone else is on vacation—keep your fingers crossed.
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