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Is Urban Outfitters Ripping Off Brooklyn Flea Designers?

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Image at left via <a href="">Lillian Crowe</a>; image at right via <a href=";navAction=jump&amp;isProduct=true&amp;parentid=MORE%20IDEAS&amp;is
Image at left via Lillian Crowe; image at right via

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The Brooklyn Paper investigates some striking similarities between the Urban Outfitters jewelry line Waylaid and the work of two Brooklyn Flea vendors, Lillian Crowe and Erica Bradbury of Species by the Thousands. It's hard to deny the resemblance between Crowe's ribcage necklace and the one produced by Urban, although Bradbury is quick to point out that Urban's shark jaw piece is more stylized than her own. You'll note a theme here: Bones and other macabre bits of nature are big right now, and as Bradbury points out, it's hard to claim trademark on a design that's based on casting a found object. Both designers also note that copying runs rampant in the jewelry business, although the paper finds a third, anonymous source to argue that Urban has a particularly bad reputation as a ripoff artist.
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