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Like Its Neighbor Tokio 7, Fab 208 Plans to Cross E. 7th Street

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Why did the East Village boutique cross the road? Don't groan—it's a legitimate question over on E. 7th Street between First and Second Avenue, where the second store in two months plans to leave its longtime home for a place on the other side of the street. Back in March, vintage store Tokio 7 hopped from the south side to the north side of E. 7th; soon, cute little shop Fab 208 will reverse the journey, going from 75 E. 7th to a smaller space at number 72.

The new store will consist of an ongoing sale featuring items from Fab 208's trove of backstock, which goes back some 15 years. The womenswear ranges from dresses and tops to shoes and bags, all priced under $40; guys can expect to find an equally inexpensive rack catering to them, too. The proprietors are also throwing in some vintage lamps and furniture for under $100, meaning, as owner Jo Smith put it, that "it's going to be an old-school East Village store." Look for it to appear right after Memorial Day Weekend and stay open through next year.

Fab 208 finds itself in a situation similar to Marmalade on Ludlow, wherein the landlord is looking for a tenant who can pay a higher rent but will let them occupy the space in the meantime. Jo Smith explains the situation this way:

We don't want to stop being affordable and the only way to do that is to move to a smaller space. We love the block, it's been our home for 18 years so the smaller space over at 72 East 7th will provide us with what we need to continue giving our customers great stuff at prices they can actually afford while actually making a living.
So don't be spooked if you see a "for rent" sign in the window—they are moving, but they're not going far.
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Fab 208

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