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Would You Trust a French Manicure from H&M?

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Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your view), the vast majority of H&M's body and make-up products are unavailable outside of Europe, making it so that not even New York's H&Ms can get their hands on kits like H&M's French Manicure sets for 4.95 Euro. We recently spotted these on the Zeil shopping street in Frankfurt, Germany, in one of three giant neighboring H&Ms.

In our fruitless search for the Europe-only H&M Home collection, we were able to fully understand how little of the good stuff actually reaches the the H&Ms over on our side of the ocean. Their lingerie is cuter than the best stuff put out by Victoria's Secret, they have more small designer collaborations and even things like H&M sleeping bags and tents show up in Euro H&Ms.

That said, would you buy a French Manicure set or tent made by H&M? Or are we better leaving those things across the pond?
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