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Decadestwo Contest Winners Know How to Dress for Abu Dhabi

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Congratulations to the 50 winners of our latest Decadestwo contest—you'll all be privy to not one, not two, not even three, but four closets full of Sex and the City-approved clothing this Sunday afternoon at an undisclosed location in Chelsea. We asked contestants to send us their best fashion and beauty tips for hot weather locations, like Abu Dhabi or lower Broadway in August. Answers ranged from helpful to genius to strangely poignant ("I came from frigid Belarus, I have lots of tips for different uses of snow") but our two favorites were the ones that came closest to the spirit of the movie. Wrote one woman:

I would do what I did while visiting my friend in Morocco (who coincidentally was working on SATC2—unfair advantage? maybe.) For beauty: Floppy straw hats and braids. For fashion: Loose cotton caftans and leather strappy sandals.

Sex and the City 2 had to film in Morocco because Abu Dhabi turned down a request to film on location. It's not even clear whether the movie will screen in Abu Dhabi—the first one didn't. But if Carrie et al had gone to the U.A.E., they would have done well to listen to the Racked reader who emailed us from the United Nations. Her advice:

As the temperatures in the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc.) can soar during the summer to around 50 degrees Celsius (thermometer breaking heat in Fahrenheit), our girls must be attired to withstand it and be comfortable. Additionally, all the Gulf countries including the U.A.E. are Muslim, thus conservative and very sexy clothing does not cut it. About one-half of the women wear the traditional black abayas.
For day wear, pretty dresses such as a shirtwaist style with a full skirt made out of fabrics that breathe such as woven cotton would be great and of course, cannot be too short or too sexy as strapless while walking the streets or in the public shopping centers. However, everyone wears the latest designer handbags, shoes. rings, watches, earrings including the traditionally dressed women. The colors should not be too bright either. For evening, it depends upon where you are and who you are with. Long caftan style dresses made of lightweight fabrics are good and halter dresses can work but only with a cover up, jacket, shawl, etc.
This doesn't sound too glamorous and certainly not what I have seen in the coming attractions for the movie, but having been to the U.A.E. a few times, this is pretty much the story.
Now you know!
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