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At the News Sale: $5 Womenswear and a Unisex Fitting Room

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The News sale starts today at 10am with deals on sought-after labels including Boy by Band of Outsiders, Shipley & Halmos, Clu, Cheap Monday and more. On our way to yesterday's three-hour friends and family pre-sale, we almost slammed into Lynn Yaeger on Prince Street, so we had a feeling that was some sort of good omen for the deals in store for us. Turns out, we were correct.

Let's start with Cheap Monday, as shoppers are first greeted by racks of recent-season jeans organized by sizes and priced from $20 to $30. Even better: There are $5 and $10 bins of past-season styles in the middle of the room. Honestly, there are jeans for pretty much any style, from understated dark skinnies to distressed with mesh panels. Go crazy! Also spotted on the Cheap Monday racks: Button-down shirt dresses, plaid zipper-front frocks, jersey drawstring-waist shifts and more priced at $20 or $30 each.

To the left, there is a rack of Shipley & Halmos pieces featuring soft black leather jackets for around $290, the Wright stretch-side tunic dress for $99, the Roark black and white print short-sleeve dress for $136, and button-down fitted shirts for $70. Moving on, there is a small selection of Boy by Band of Outsiders, including a navy peacoat style jacket with gold buttons for $606, a suit vest for $245, denim vests for $75 and a wide stripe navy and white henley tank for $69. Turning the corner, there is a relatively ignored rack of R13 jeans ($150), cut offs ($75) and motorcycle vests ($400).

The Clu section was where most of the action took place, with prices starting at $5 and topping out at just $50 for Fall 2009 dresses. On the racks, tanks are $20 and tops and bottoms are $30. We saw ruffles, silk, jersey, ruffle tiers, embellished shoulders and metallic, all in the mix. There are also $5 bins full of past, past season items that are totally worth rummaging through. We found a really cute puff-sleeve translucent blouse from 2006 in there. Sadly, there was no Vena Cava to be found as previously advertised. We did see Lisa Mayock shopping the racks, but that wasn't much of a consolation.

Now we need to discuss this fitting room situation. There is a designated communal fitting area, but...well, at first we thought it was for ladies only, but when we went in, there were men in there. One was helping his girlfriend try on outfits, another was trying on pants in the corner (luckily no pervy cell phone pics at that point). We're all for gender equality, but come on. Of course, women were so desperate to try on $30 Clu tops, all modesty was out the door. Please, News, seriously, sort this out and designate separate male and female fitting rooms today. Cash and credit are accepted and all stock is out on the floor so act fast. And maybe wear a tight tank top and leggings, just in case.
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