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Steven Alan Menswear: Slightly Disappointing but Worth a Stop

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Forget Steven Alan womenswear, which we've already covered; seeing as how this is pretty much the menswear sale of the year, it's time to focus on the guys. The sale opened at 8:30am this morning and by 9am there was no line out front or back-up at the bag check. Where was everyone? Oh, already in line buying stacks of those perfectly breezy signature shirts that are the backbone of the entire Steven Alan enterprise. That dozen-deep queue at both registers persisted throughout the full three quarters of an hour we were roaming around, but honestly, we're not entirely sure what everyone was so eager to plunk down plastic for.

Certainly, the Steven Alan stuff was ample. Shirting (priced as always at $68) came in more plaids, checks, stripes, chambrays, broadclothes and pindots than you could shake a bottle of artisanal bitters or a taxidermied peacock at. Pants—twill chinos, conductor's stripes, Nantucket red khakis, a symphony of army greens—started as low as $49 with in-season tailored shorting around $65. Blazers, both in olive tropical wool and its nubby New England cousins in various houndstooths, are $75. But who is buying a professorly sportscoat right now?

Likewise, handsome wool pea coat variants in window pane checks (some with toggle buttons) are a steal at $98, but you'll just end up storing those with neighboring waxed barn jackets and plaid-lined down vests (both are $150) all summer. And there's the catch: Most of what's there is very winter (heavy flannels, chunky sweaters, cardigans for layering, serious coats) and/or very obviously past season (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, we just sometimes expect slightly lower prices on items that scream resort '08).

Mixed into the Steven Alan section, we spotted a few bits of Acne (jeans for $85) and Engineered Garments—but we expect neither label to last very long. A good bet and a little less sparse: Check out the bins and shelves up front. Plaid cotton pajamas are $25, and a snarl of ties ($25) in a box feature a brushed, natural canvas, blue-on-blue anchors, some Liberty florals, and a selection of crisp plaids. Canvas totes and overnighters—some in a very 2009/Opening Ceremony Aztec motif—are $75.

Downstairs are all the other brands. Now, usually this space is chock-full of wonderful things that are often difficult to not take home. This time around, they're still begging to come home with you, but there's not much worth adopting. Generic Surplus footwear is a steal at $25; but the styles on offer just aren't those perfectly generic boat shoes and captoes we've come to expect from a line of totally unbranded footwear called Generic Surplus. The Bentley Cravats ties and scarves ($22 to $99) are overly dandy; we recommend the Steven Alan options upstairs. Relwen starts at $19—but does anyone actually wear Relwen?

Otherwise, racks of Loomstate, Rogan, Hyden Yoo, and Gilded Age are worth a poke, since you're already there. Loomstate's signature tees screened with naturalistic/hipsterific imagery are $25 to $35. Rogan's much-loved jeans are $100 while tailored shorts are $75 and a selection of plain and graphic tees in blacks, whites, and grays are $25. We especially liked an out-of-season black pea coat priced at $200. Equally likable/out-of-season was a houndstooth cardigan by Gilded Age ($60). But, since it's May, stick to their hard jean jacket ($100), shorts and trunks ($35 to $40), jeans and pants ($60), and shirting ($20 to $50) that ranged from a sleeveless chambray false plaid to a dressier option with tuxedo pleating. Finally, Hyden Yoo shirts—army-inspired, gingham, oxfords with contrast plackets—are $60; sleek raincoats are $100; and those ubiquitous and totally whorish slouchy sweat shorts are $40. The best deal? Pants starting at $15 (and ranging to $40).
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