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Cynthia Steffe Hoarders Allegedly Spotted at Nanette Lepore Sale

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Two looks from Nanette Lepore's fall 2010 show
Two looks from Nanette Lepore's fall 2010 show

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We can probably all agree that the Cynthia Steffe Hoarding Scandal of 2010 was a bleak moment in the history of local sample sales, and that for the sake of everyone's mental health we should all move on. As such, it pains us to tell you that the hoarders have been spotted yet again, this time at the Nanette Lepore sale. This time, they weren't hoarding anything—Guerilla Shopper reports that, much like the rest of the crowd, they "clicked their heels and disappeared" when it became apparent that there were no major deals to be had. But let this be a lesson to all of us: If you misbehave at a sample sale, you might wind up with a bad reputation.

As for the sale itself, it sounds like it's not worth the trip unless you're crazy for Nanette. We hear the white leather lambskin jackets (just over $200 down from almost $700) were the best deal, but if you're expecting samples for $20 or $30, you're out of luck.
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Nanette Lepore Sample Sale

225 West 35th Street, New York, NY