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What the Kell?

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Today, the New York Post starts off our week with a profile of the office, work life and lovable quirks of PR maven and reality show regular Kelly Cutrone. Those who watch Kell on Earth are already well versed on her Soho home/office set up, but luckily, the Post does provide fans with some new and odd revelations. Kelly describes her look as "Amish psycho killer" and a never-before-seen-on-TV "28-year-old New York version of Kato Kaelin" lives with her. Kelly clarifies, then confuses us with the explanation "He's not my lover, but he is a jujitsu expert." Huh? Refreshingly, Kelly does engage in green behavior, biking around town in a turquoise (what? color?!) Trek complete with a woven basket. She even generously bought bicycles for her entire staff, describing her love of biking as "an irresistible mix of connecting to the Earth, plus danger, plus terrorism." Careful Kelly, the FBI might start making their way over from the Marc Jacobs store. [NYP, previously]