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Barneys Matches Street Artists with Mid-Century Modern Design

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Street art! Eames chairs! A good cause! The current window display at Barneys brings together two very different design styles for an auction that simultaneously benefits the store, local graffiti artists, New York City public school kids, the Eames Foundation, the Public Works Department, and, um, Gawker. It may be the biggest mash-up of interests we've ever seen invested in one window display, but it seems to be working quite nicely.

The project: Street artist Billi Kid, with the help of photographer Luna Park selected 20 of his colleagues to decorate the plywood lounge chair made famous by Eames. Last week, Barneys put the chairs on display the same day the Public Works Department put them up for auction online. Bidding runs through June 1, at which point the winners each get their own one-of-a-kind chairs and an organization called Operation Design, which connects public school kids with professionals in the arts, gets the proceeds. (Gawker's a sponsor of the whole project, as is the Eames Foundation.)

You can see all 20 chairs at the auction website or take a closer look at them on Flickr. Designers include names you'll recognize from the sidewalk, including Elbow-Toe and Peru Ana Ana Peru. According to Billi Kid and Luna Park, the hardest part of curating the project from the close-knit street art world was winnowing down the list. "Our only regret was not having enough canvas to go around," they told us. "The talent pool is vast."
· Eames Inspiration [Operation Design]
· Eames Inspiration [Flickr]


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