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Facebook Prevents Prom Dress Identity Theft

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Mix teen angst, an enterprising spirit, prom, plus a pinch of entitlement and there you have the Facebook group Don’t Steal My Prom Dress 2010 . This terrifyingly genius group allows teens to avoid their own "Who Wore it Better at Prom" moment by uploading their prom dresses in an attempt to call dibs and preempt any biters from stealing their look. "The group is basically for seniors to put their dresses up and underclassmen to look, so they know what dresses not to get,” says Regina George, we mean Collette Dong, a Westchester teen. Unfortunately for Ms. Dong, a junior dared to purchase the same white BCBG gown, forcing her to go with green Bari Jay and banning the offending junior from the senior bus. [NYT]