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$20 Might Get You Past the Opening Ceremony Sale Line

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While in the midst of retail delirium during yesterday's epic three-hour wait for Christian Louboutin, fellow linegoers joked about slipping the security guard a $50 for early entry, but didn't think it would actually work. Sample Sally, however, had an entirely different experience while waiting in the hour-plus long Opening Ceremony line yesterday. She recounts what happened when she walked up to the line to meet a friend:

The security guard whispered something in my ear. I couldn't hear what he said at first. So I replied "What?" The guard wanted a bribe! He said: if I gave him $20, he would let me cut the line.
While this might not be a complete shocker, we were a bit surprised that all it took was a twenty. Sally took the high road, opting not to break the sample sale honor code and cut in front of the other honest, faithful line-waiters who weren't privy to this extortion scheme. Remember that the next time you're waiting in a soul-crushing line and you feel that twenty itching in your wallet!
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Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony

33 Howard Street, New York, NY